Hydrogen 2 Launch Day

Hydrogen 2 Launch Day

This blog post was originally sent as an email update to our mailing list on 06/22/2023.


Today's the day! As we announced in our last newsletter, today at 4 PM Eastern, pre-orders for the Hydrogen 2 will be open on the Atompalm website. Details on the expected shipping times are below, but first, a little surprise.

Some of you were lamenting the absence of orange on our scroll wheel. Well, I'm happy to say that not only can you still get orange, but you now have the option to choose between 6 anodized colors.

The Hydrogen 2 with a black wheel costs $99, but every other color is $115. For those of you who purchased the original Hydrogen, you can use the discount code HYDROGEN to get a reduced price of $99 for any color option.

Pre-order details

I expect our first units to ship about 2 months after ordering. This time includes: placing orders with the various manufacturing partners involved, shipping, inbound quality control, final assembly, final quality control, and packaging. As we make progress in fulfilling the orders, I'll be sending out email updates.

Just as with our last launch, there is a limit on the number of units that can be pre-ordered. This is in an effort to give everyone who would like a Hydrogen 2 an opportunity to secure one. I hope to see everyone at 4 PM Eastern!


Cheers --
Dimitar Dimitrov
Founder, Atompalm.