AtomPalm Hydrogen

Pioneering Performance

At Atompalm, we follow a simple design principle:

Make no compromises.

We chose the highest quality components and pushed them to the absolute limit, squeezing out every last drop of performance to create the Atompalm Hydrogen -- the pioneer in low-latency gaming peripherals, the first and only mouse to deliver a blazing-fast 8kHz response time. We measure latency in microseconds, not milliseconds. Unlock your potential with the undisputed leader in high-performance gaming mice.

Pioneering Performance
8000 Hz Polling Rate

8000 Hz Polling Rate

The polling rate is how often the computer receives information from the mouse. With a standard polling rate, every action you make will have an average of 1,000μs latency (and much higher in some cases). The Atompalm Hydrogen has a record-breaking latency of 125μs. This means that all the information that comes into the computer is more accurate both with respect to timing, and precision. Since the mouse is the first step in the chain of input lag, it is critical to minimize the latency for the best gaming experience.

Zero Latency Clicks

We've all experienced it: You shoot at the same time as the opponent, but you're just barely slower. The performance of the mouse switches is absolutely critical -- what's the point of aiming if you can't shoot on time?

The Atompalm Hydrogen breaks away from industry trends by using a premium Japanese Omron switch for the highest electrical and mechanical integrity. Combined with our Zero Latency technology your clicks will register approximately 5,000μs (5ms) faster than other gaming mice!

For more information, see our our research into what it takes to optimize a switch for high-performance applications.

Zero Latency Clicks
Anodized Aluminum Wheel

Anodized Aluminum Wheel

Whoever said beauty comes at the sacrifice of function was wrong. Our anodized aluminum scroll wheel not only looks great, but feels great too. The textured finish grips your finger to prevent slipping, and thanks to the high durability of aluminum, it won't wear smooth over time.

Extremely Lightweight

Extremely Lightweight

Experience massive performance -- without the mass. The Atompalm Hydrogen weighs in at a stunningly low 45 grams! This achievement comes from months of weight reduction effort with careful consideration not to compromise the structural integrity of the mouse.

PMW 3360 Sensor

PMW 3360 Sensor

We chose the PMW3360 due to its incredible performance. On paper, the 250 IPS continuous tracking speed and 50g of tracking acceleration surpass human capability. In practice, the sensor has proven itself as the industry standard for high-performance mice.

Fully Configurable

The Atompalm Hydrogen comes with 7 pre-configured profiles -- for details, see the specs below. If these don't cut it for you then the Hydrogen settings can be fully customized with the use of the Atompalm Manager Software.

Fully Configurable

Technical Specifications

Attribute Value
Length 123.8 mm
Width 64.5 mm
Height 39.5 mm
Weight 45 g
Cable Length 2 m
Feet Material PTFE
USB Report Rate 8000 Hz (125 μs)
Sensor PixArt PMW3360
Resolution 100 - 12,000 CPI
Max Speed 250 IPS
Max Acceleration 50 g
Switches Japanese Omron D2F-01F
Switch Force 0.74 N
Default Profiles
White - 2000 CPI
Red - 400 CPI
Yellow - 800 CPI
Green - 1200 CPI
Cyan - 1600 CPI
Blue - 12000 CPI
Magenta 400 CPI (1KHz Mode)

Minimum Requirements USB 2 HS Port

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What does polling mode mean?

    Polling mode determines what information will be sent to the computer. In the Atompalm manager you have the option to change the polling mode from the default "Adaptive" to "Locked". When polling mode is set to Adaptive the mouse will only send information as it becomes available from the sensor and switches. You will see the polling rate drop to zero during periods of inactivity. With the Locked mode the mouse will fill in periods of no data with empty reports. This is primarily used as a testing feature. For nearly everyone, this option should be left on Adaptive.

  • What is polling rate limit?

    In the Atompalm manager you have a slider to set the polling rate limit. This is the frequency at which the mouse will send data to the computer. For most people this setting should be left to 8000. For anyone using this mouse without a USB 2.0 HS port (or USB 3.0 port) this MUST be left at 8000. If you're not sure what this means, leave this setting at the maximum value of 8000 or you may experience degraded performance.

  • How do I measure polling rate?

    The free and open source tool MouseTester can be used to measure polling rate among other metrics.

  • Will the debounce time be adjustable?

    The Atompalm Hydrogen has no bounce time (click latency), therefore it cannot be adjusted. It is always zero. See the section above about Zero Latency Clicks for more details.

  • Which CPI is the best?

    Profile 0 on the Hydrogen uses 2000 CPI by default. The reason we chose this value is because the PMW 3360 sensor introduces 32 frames of smoothing if the CPI is greater than 2000. Even though higher CPI is generally better, smoothing is detrimental to accuracy and consistency. For this reason, we recommend using the highest CPI setting that doesn't introduce extra smoothing: 2000.

  • How can I contact Atompalm?

    If you're a prominent reviewer looking for a pre-release unit, or otherwise have business inquiries, we can be contacted via our contact form.