Unleash the Hydrogen

Unleash the Hydrogen

This blog post was originally sent as an email update to our mailing list on 08/15/2022.



The wait is over.

It is with great pleasure that I write this email. It's been a long time coming and a lot of work, but the wait now comes to an end. What begins is the era of Hydrogen: the greatest mouse ever built.

Over the past few years we've been hard at work bringing our vision to life, creating exactly the product that we want without compromising on a single detail. Hydrogen is that vision, embodied:

• A stunningly low 47.5-gram weight will make your movements faster and more precise, while our full sized shell gives you a comfortable grip for prolonged use.

• The 8kHz report rate combined with our Zero Latency Click technology guarantees that your inputs register as fast as possible, giving you a major time advantage over the competition.

• Our silky smooth cable is thin, lightweight, and so supple that it'll never hold you back or distract you.

• Our anodized aluminum scroll wheel, apart from looking great, ensures precise control over your scrolling with no chance of slipping like rubber on plastic does.

This is the mouse I set out to build when I started Atompalm, and I'm very proud to say that we've done it. The official release date for the Hydrogen, available at a mere $99, is:

Friday, September 9th, at 5pm Eastern.



As usual, I have some additional details and pretty photos to share. For those of you who follow our Twitter, you saw a shot of the plastics shipment we received. Here's another:



Last week we built Hydrogen #1. So the assembly has started, but we're still waiting on the majority of the assembled circuit boards -- we expect them to arrive in less than 2 weeks. Once we have those in house, we can finish assembly and have everything ready for the second week of September. Look how cool the panels of circuit boards look:



I want to thank everyone who followed our progress and believed in us. I'm very glad to deliver on those beliefs, and I hope to see everyone at launch!

Cheers --
Dimitar Dimitrov
Founder, Atompalm.