Post-launch status update

Post-launch status update
This blog post was originally sent as an email update to our mailing list on 11/11/2022.


Thanks everyone for making our launch a success. I'm proud of the technology we were able to deliver to everyone who ordered a Hydrogen. Many of you have reached out to tell me how it's improved your game -- I love seeing your feedback, so keep it coming! I'm very happy to know how many people support our vision, and share our spirit of chasing perfection. I'm looking forward to continuing on our path, seeking out the highest performance in our peripherals.

That being said, I want to apologize for the delay we had in shipping. Like any new product, we experienced some hiccups during the launch. Our plan was to have everything shipped out within a few days, but it ended up taking a couple of weeks to get the assembly completed. There were some tolerance issues that did not present themselves in the test units that were assembled, but did appear once we assembled a more substantial number of units. Ultimately, these didn't cause any major issue, but did lead to a significant increase in the assembly time. I appreciate everyone for being so patient during that delay. We've certainly learned a lot.

Moving forward, we're working on improving the process, enhancing the user experience, and fine-tuning our tolerances. This includes minor adjustments to each major component in the mouse, most substantially, updates to the side switches and plastics in order to accommodate a wider range of grip styles. As soon as we're able to address everything on our list, we will be announcing the second run of mice.

I want to reiterate my appreciation for everyone who helped make the launch a success, and everyone who's given feedback. Your support is invaluable.

Cheers --
Dimitar Dimitrov
Founder, Atompalm.