June 2022 update

June 2022 update

This blog post was originally sent as an email update to our mailing list on 06/20/2022.


I have great news for you in this update. In summary: the plastics are ready. They were the last bit that needed to be finished up before the production orders could be put in. Most importantly, this means that in the next email I'll be giving a release date. More on all of that below.

Perfecting an injection molded part is a time-consuming process. It involves a lot of evaluation, careful design work, welding, machining, and plenty of shipping time -- that cycle repeats until you get what you want. Happily, no more repeats are necessary for us. As you can see in the following photo, the latest version corrects all of the issues in the previous two.

Plastic iterations
(open in a new tab to zoom in, the details are interesting)


Not pictured above: we made changes to the click force, making for a light and uniform click experience. Also, we adjusted some of the support structures, which make the Hydrogen very tough despite having such a low weight. So whether you're a barbarian at the desk or as gentle as an angel, the Hydrogen will feel great in your hands. :^)

Now that the quality of the plastic components meets our standards, we're putting in orders for production parts. Also, we've given the green light to our cable and circuit board manufacturers to begin final production on those components as well.

Since the the cable, circuitry, and shell are highly interdependent, we had to wait until we were certain it could all come together properly before putting in any of the production orders. There were indeed many minor adjustments that had to be made due to changes in the plastics.

So where does that leave us, now that everything is being ordered?

Well, now there are only two things left to do: wait for these parts to arrive, which should be on the order of weeks, and assemble them into real Hydrogen mice. The assembly will be a quick process -- which I will personally be doing to make sure everything is perfect.

And so in next month's email update there will be a release date, because at that point we should have Hydrogens in boxes ready to go.

Thanks for reading this update, and for sharing your excitement and support throughout the project. It means a lot to me.

Cheers --
Dimitar Dimitrov
Founder, Atompalm.