Atompalm Web Manager Released.

Atompalm Web Manager Released.
This blog post was originally sent as an email update to our mailing list on 01/24/2023.


I have two bits of exciting news to share in this email. Firstly, the release of the Atompalm Web Manager, and further down, updates on the next production cycle of Hydrogen mice.

Atompalm Web Manager

The approach that we take with our software has always been to make it as simple as possible -- to minimize user friction. One way we do this is with our seamless firmware update process: no searching for firmware, no downloading standalone patchers, and no reading confusing text file instructions -- just one click in the Atompalm Manager, and your Hydrogen is running the latest firmware.

The latest innovation in pursuit of that goal is the Atompalm Web Manager, available now at

This new version of our software has all the same functions and features, including firmware updates, but now it's available right in your browser -- no downloads necessary! It fully supports Mac and Linux, though Linux users will have to add some extra USB permissions -- if you don't know how to do this, feel free to reach out for help.

The old software will be deprecated and unsupported effective immediately. If you own an Atompalm Hydrogen, I encourage you to go try out the new Atompalm Web Manager using the link above. For those of you who don't, I can offer two things: the screenshot at the top, and some updates on the next release of Hydrogen mice.

Production updates

We are still working on the updates to the Hydrogen in preparation for the next production run. We're at the tail end of this process, currently going through the final iterations of 3D printed tests of our plastics before sending the updates to our injection molding partners. Once we're able to get molded samples, and to confirm that they're working as designed, we'll be ready to start production again.

As soon as we're ready, I'll be making a full list of the changes and new features on the next run. Make sure to keep an eye out for these newsletter updates, and the updates posted to our Twitter page.

As always, thanks for your support!

Cheers --
Dimitar Dimitrov
Founder, Atompalm.